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About us

Overview of Valin Group

Hunan Valin Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd ("Valin Group") was a conglomerate set up in 1997 by incorporating the Top 3 steelmakers in Hunan, Xiangtan Steel, Lianyuan Steel and Hengyang Steel. Valin Group is one of Chinese Top 10 steelmakers with sales revenue of over 100 billion yuan. Valin Group has crude steel capacity of approximately 20 million tons, finished products capacity of 23 million tons, total assets of about 120 billion yuan. It is the largest State-owned Enterprise in Hunan. Valin Group achieved sales revenue of over 100 billion yuan, and ranked the Top few among Top 500 Chinese companies. 

Steel plant 


Valin Xiangtan Steel 

Wide and heavy plate, bar, wire rod, metal products 

Valin Lianyuan Steel

Rebar, HRC, CRC, hot dip galvanized (galvalume) coil 

Valin Hengyang Steel

Seamless tube 

(Ⅱ)Three-year growth plan (2017-2019)
Valin Group positions itself as the steel industrial organizer by establishment of specialized industrial management mode with diversification. With  steel operation as core business, Valin Group endeavors to bring about “1+5” industrial pattern covering resources development, deep processing of steel products, financing, logistics and strategic emerging industries, expand industry chain and value chain, to stagger the industry growth cycle for assets allocation, committed to transforming the group from core steel business to diversified industrial businesses. By 2019, Valin Group targets to achieve sales revenue of 140 billion yuan and profit of 5 billion yuan.
(Ⅲ)International cooperation 

In Feb. 2009, Valin Group invested in FMG and became the second largest shareholder. Now FMG has become the 4th largest iron ore supplier globally and the production exceeded 165 million tons. 

In Sep. 2010, the joint venture Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Sheet Co., Ltd was jointly established by Valin Group and ArcelorMittal, with 50:50 shareholding each. VAMA was put into operation in June 2014.